Dyksińscy Family Archive

collection Dyksińscy Family Archive
authors Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
starring Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Anna Tryc; Karina Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
length 03'26
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0018 025

Part 1
The panorama of snow-capped peaks. On the slope, we can see skiers.

Part 2
Summer. Barbara Dyksińska-Tryc with her husband, Ryszard, daughters, Ania and Karina, spends time in front of a small house in the forest. The girls play in the sand. Together with their mother they play with a black poodle. The rest of the family sits on the terrace in front of the house. Ania hugs her dad, who smokes a pipe and talks to another man. The sisters pose for the camera.


keywords summer  holidays  forest  holiday house  terrace  child  childhood  fun  family  family life  pipe  smoking 
source of funding Polish Film Institute