Krajewscy Family Archive

collection Krajewscy Family Archive
authors Jarosław Krajewski
starring Alicja Krajewska; Jarosław Krajewski; Paula Krajewska
length 12'23
country Poland
year 1974; 1975; 1976
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0024 012

The author of the film is Jarosław Krajewski (born in 1952 in Poznań). As a teenager, he received his first camera as a gift from his parents. Since then, he has filmed important events and family life: weddings, holiday trips to the Powidz area, as well as his daughters, Paula and Zuzanna, growing up. Jarosław was interested in journalism. In his youth, he belonged to the Club of Youth Journalists (KDM), later he worked, among others, in the office and the company newspaper in a furniture factory and as a tour guide in Europe. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Part 1
An account of a holiday trip near Powidz, an important place for the Krajewski family, where the family spent their annual, monthly vacation for many years. A shot of the campsite with several tents. A group of friends in bathing suits rest on lawn chairs and blankets: sunbathing, drinking cold drinks, reading and fooling around.

Part 2
An account of the church wedding of Jarosław and Alicja Krajewski on June 14, 1975. The young couple, their best man, Janusz Ł., and their maid of honour, Hanka (Alicja’s sister) get into a car. Shots from outside the church, where the newlyweds are the first to enter, followed by elegantly dressed guests with flowers. Family and friends leave the church.

Part 3
An account of the civil wedding of Jarosław and Alicja Krajewski on May 6, 1975. The young couple leaves the wedding room located in Poznań town hall. The gathered guests express their good wishes to the newlyweds.

Part 4
An account of a week-long honeymoon in Rudawy Janowickie in May 1975. Panorama of mountainous surroundings. Alicja walks along the mountain trail, then stops at the signpost to check the route of the trip on the map, and smiles at the camera. Shots of mountain nature, blooming clover and forest.

Part 5
A family walk through Poznań’s Old Town and Ostrów Tumski in September 1976. Alicja pushes a stroller with a sleeping Paula (born on September 16, 1976). The married couple swaps. Jarosław, recorded by his wife, pushes the stroller, smiling at the camera. A shot of the Poznań cathedral, whose two highest towers are covered with scaffolding. Close-up of the facade of the church. The family continues the walk. The mother takes the sleepy child in her arms. Alicja, accompanied by another woman with a stroller, walks around the city. Close-ups of little Paula’s face in the apartment.

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keywords Poland  Poznań  Powidz  Ostrów Tumski  Lake Powidzkie  Rudawy Janowickie  holidays  summer  tent  tent tourism  campsite  wedding  newlyweds  registry office  civil wedding  church wedding  church  trip  mountains  walk  city  child  pram 
source of funding Polish Film Institute