Krajewscy Family Archive

collection Krajewscy Family Archive
authors Jarosław Krajewski
starring Jarosław Krajewski; Paula Krajewska
length 09'57
location Poland
year 1977
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0024 027
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the film is Jarosław Krajewski (born in 1952 in Poznań). As a teenager, he received his first camera as a gift from his parents. Since then, he has filmed important events and family life: weddings, holiday trips to the Powidz area, as well as his daughters, Paula and Zuzanna, growing up. Jarosław was interested in journalism. In his youth, he belonged to the Club of Youth Journalists (KDM), later he worked, among others, in the office and the company newspaper in a furniture factory and as a tour guide in Europe. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Part 1

Christmas 1977. The Krajewski family sits at a fastly set Christmas Eve table. The camera slowly circulates among the dinner participants who eat, talk and enjoy each other’s company. Among them, there is Jarosław Krajewski’s daughter, Paula, (she’s just turned one year old), patiently fed by her mother. The girl sits on the floor, next to gifts spread out under a richly decorated Christmas tree, among which there is a set of decorated mugs and a SPPT Chałturnik vinyl record entitled Who Plays So Beautifully. Paula got a small car model and a teddy bear from Santa. Although the girl is just over a year old, she is good at walking. She bustles around the kitchen and dances, supported by her mother.

Part 2

September 1977. The first birthday of Jarosław Krajewski’s daughter – Paula. The family sits at the table. There are about 10 people. The mom ties the girl’s shoes, which is watched by others. There is a cake decorated with one candle on the table. Around it, there are small plates, cutlery, as well as a prayer book, a glass, a $5 banknote, keys with a fish key ring and a characteristic, pocket version of the PZPR statutes. Paula chooses keys from all the objects, which evokes the joy of the family. Then she picks up the book, the banknote and other items. The PZPR statutes end up in her hands for longer. The girl watches it and touches it, and then begins to hit the table covered with a tablecloth with it. Paula, with the help of her mother, leans over the table and blows away the candle. The camera slowly films the participants of the meeting, which moves on to the informal phase. The family gets up from the table. Paula is put to the crib. Then she walks around the room. The cake is served. Everyone is in a good mood.



keywords Poland; Poznań; birthday; cake; family celebration; family; candle; birthday fortune telling; glass; child; grandparents; PZPR statutes; banknote; Christmas; holiday; Christmas Eve; toys; gifts