Krajewscy Family Archive

collection Krajewscy Family Archive
authors Jarosław Krajewski
starring Alicja Krajewska; Albin Krajewski; Kazimiera Krajewska; Paula Krajewska
length 19'53
location Poland
year 1978
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0024 028
source of funding Polish Film Institute

The author of the film is Jarosław Krajewski (born in 1952 in Poznań). As a teenager, he received his first camera as a gift from his parents. Since then, he has filmed important events and family life: weddings, holiday trips to the Powidz area, as well as his daughters, Paula and Zuzanna, growing up. Jarosław was interested in journalism. In his youth, he belonged to the Club of Youth Journalists (KDM), later he worked, among others, in the office and the company newspaper in a furniture factory and as a tour guide in Europe. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Part 1
An account of a holiday trip to Kołobrzeg, lasting from 14th to 29th August 1978. The family visit Zajazd Kasztelański in Budzistowo near Kołobrzeg. Shots of the building and the surrounding PGR (State Agricultural Farm) areas. The daughter of Jarosław and Alicja Krajewski, Paula, plays in front of the entrance to the restaurant. Shots of rough sea. In the background, there is the pier in Kołobrzeg. Walkers, among them Jarosław Krajewski’s father, Albin, stand on the pier and watch the sea waves.

Part 2
An account of September 5th, 1978, one of the holiday days that the Krajewski family spent in Powidz. Jarosław’s wife, Alicja, does laundry on the pier by the lake. Shots of the campsite, which consists of several tents and cars parked next to them. Kazimiera (Jarosław’s mother) walks with little Paula by the hand and spends time with her on the pier. The participants of the trip bustle around the campsite. Szymon (Jarosław’s cousin) guts fish. Two other men drag a flag with a bull’s head onto a makeshift mast. One of the men holds little Paula in his arms, who waves at the camera. A shot of a baby potty standing under one of the cars. The residents of the camp share a meal together. A man with a towel hanging over his shoulder fools around and runs towards the lake. A shot of caught fish in a metal bucket and participants of the trip at the campsite.

Part 3
Paula runs around the apartment amused. A man sits on the couch and tickles a laughing girl. Paula sits in a stroller in front of her mother’s family home, from which Alicja comes out with her in-laws, Albin and Kazimiera.

Part 4
Visiting Alicja’s family in Szewce near Poznań on May 25th, 1978. The family walks around the yard. The woman strokes a foal and shows it to Paula, whom she holds in her arms. The girl curiously watches the geese walking in the yard. The family walks around the farm and the surrounding meadows. Adults talk near cars standing in the yard.

Part 5
An account of July 22nd, 1978, one of the holiday days that the Krajewski family spent in Powidz. Paula lies down next to a man resting by the tent. The girl plays under the supervision of her mother and grandmother, who sunbathe on lawn chairs. A shot of a sleeping man. Participants of the trip spend time together at the table and grill the fish caught earlier. The man lifts a bottle of vodka towards the camera and takes a sip straight from the bottle. Paula plays in a bowl of water set on the grass by the tents. A man shaves in a lake and pretends he wants to dirty the camera with a shaving brush.


keywords Poland, Kołobrzeg, Budzistowo, Zajazd Kasztelański, Szewce, Powidz, Powidzkie Lake, sea, pier, village, horse, geese, family, child, camping, tent, tent tourism, pier, lake, fishing, fish, sunbathing, lawn chair, vodka, fun