Krajewscy Family Archive

collection Krajewscy Family Archive
authors Jarosław Krajewski
length 05'07
country Poland
year 1973
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0024 039

The author of the film is Jarosław Krajewski (born in 1952 in Poznań). As a teenager, he received his first camera as a gift from his parents. Since then, he has filmed important events and family life: weddings, holiday trips to the Powidz area, as well as his daughters, Paula and Zuzanna, growing up. Jarosław was interested in journalism. In his youth, he belonged to the Club of Youth Journalists (KDM), later he worked, among others, in the office and the company newspaper in a furniture factory and as a tour guide in Europe. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

An account of a holiday trip near Powidz (in the summer of 1979), an important place for the Krajewski family, where the family spent their annual, monthly holiday for many years. A shot of the campsite, tents put up under pine trees, cars standing next to them – Fiat 126p (“Maluch”) and two Fiat 125p (“Duży Fiat”) and a flag fluttering on a long branch stuck into the ground. Shots from the lake: two men fish, standing knee-deep in the water, women rest on lawn chairs and blankets on the shore. A close-up of a plastic doll sitting on the grass with a small beer bottle in hand. Returning from the lake. A man carries in his hand a net with caught fish. Shots from the campsite: folding the tent, evisceration of fish.

(AT, MB)

keywords Poland  Powidz  Strzałkowo  Lake Powidzkie Małe  Ostrowo  camping  campsite  tent tourism  picnic  fishing  bathing  rest  free time  holidays  tourism  family  children  lawn chairs  doll  fun  family  family life  social life 
source of funding Polish Film Institute