Łapkiewicz Family Archive

collection Łapkiewicz Family Archive
authors Jerzy Łapkiewicz
starring Maria Łapkiewicz; Aleksandra Łapkiewicz; Anna Łapkiewicz
length 05'15
country Poland
year 1979; 1980
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0026 002

The author of the film is Jerzy Łapkiewicz, who filmed the events of his family’s life with a Quarz Zoom camera and Super 8 tape, borrowed from a colleague, who bought it in the Foto-Optyka shop.

Part 1

The interior of the room of the state-owned enterprise, where Jerzy worked as a constructor. Jerzy’s filming for the first time in his life and his colleagues, Andrzej and Grzegorz, laugh and wave to the camera. Jola, the owner of the camera, worked in the same room as the men, however, she was not captured on film. 

Part 2

The film was made in the apartment of the Łapkiewicz family in the Rubinkowo housing estate in Toruń. The daughters of Jerzy and Maria, Ola and Ania, together with their friend, Małgosia, play on the floor among scattered toys. A close-up of the girls’ faces and a drawing lying on the floor. The younger daughter, Ola, crawls and enters the room where Ania sits on the carpet and draws.

Part 3

A winter walk in a forest near the Vistula at the turn of 1979 and 1980. Jerzy’s wife, Maria, pushes a stroller with little Ola. The older daughter, Ania, walks next to her mother towards Jerzy who films them. A close-up of the woman’s face. The mom and the older daughter do jumping jacks on the grass. The younger daughter sleeps in the stroller next to them. Ola crawls around the apartment. She clumsily gets up several times and approaches the sitting adults, who stretch out their hands towards her. Ania enters the room, holding Ola’s hand, and approaches their mother. Maria takes her younger daughter in her arms and adjusts her hat, which the girl is about to take off. 

Part 4

The beginning of a staged film depicting playing with a “living bag”. Ola approaches a large moving bag that is in the room. Jerzy helps her open the bag. The scene is filmed by Jerzy’s wife, Maria. 




keywords Poland  Toruń  Rubinkowo housing estate  Vistula  fun  toys  crayons  children  family  free time  walk  jumping jacks  stroller 
source of funding Polish Film Institute