Łapkiewicz Family Archive

collection Łapkiewicz Family Archive
authors Jerzy Łapkiewicz; Kazimierz Łapkiewicz
starring Jerzy Łapkiewicz; Maria Łapkiewicz; Aleksandra Łapkiewicz; Anna Łapkiewicz; Kazimierz Łapkiewicz; Katarzyna Łapkiewicz; Sława Łapkiewicz
length 05'24
location Poland
year 1980
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0026 004
source of funding Polish Film Institute

The author of the film is Jerzy Łapkiewicz, who filmed the events of his family’s life with a Quarz Zoom camera and Super 8 tape, borrowed from a colleague, who bought it in the Foto-Optyka shop.

The film was made in the summer of 1980 at Jerzy’s family farm in Rypin. Jerzy and Maria’s daughter, Ola, carries a doll. Then she approaches a bicycle and plays with a toy car. Ola walks along a country road, tries to get a large spoonful of sand from the ground. Ania and Kasia, the daughters of Kazimierz, Jerzy’s brother, ride bicycles from around the corner of the white building. Girls dance in dresses and jump on a pile of boards. Maria and Sławka, Jerzy’s mother, walk through the orchard. We can see flowering fruit trees on both sides of the path. Ola carries a teddy bear in her hand. There is a small doll stroller in the middle of the path. The family walks along the road through the orchard. Sławka and Maria with her daughters are accompanied by Jerzy’s brother, Kazimierz, and his daughter, Kasia. Maria pushes a stroller with Ola. Kasia carries a plastic baby doll in her hand. The brothers swap — Jerzy joins the walking women, and Kazimierz films. Ania and Kasia, with the help of their grandma, Sławka, climb a fruit tree. They climb up the spreading branches. Close-ups of the faces of girls sitting on a tree. The youngest of the girls, Ola, wants to join her sister and cousin on the tree, stretches out her hands, but the grandmother does not put her on the tree, but takes her in her arms. Ola, holding a stick in her hand, runs down the alley in the orchard towards Jerzy who films her. The girls spin pirouettes in the middle of the path. The woman lifts one of them up and rotates with it around her axis. Ola, seeing her mother with Ania and Kasia, begins to spin in circles on the road, struggling to catch the balance. 




keywords Poland; Rypin; village; farm; orchard; fruit trees; free time; family; walk; children; fun; bike; toys; doll