Łapkiewicz Family Archive

collection Łapkiewicz Family Archive
authors Jerzy Łapkiewicz; Maria Łapkiewicz
starring Jerzy Łapkiewicz; Maria Łapkiewicz; Aleksandra Łapkiewicz; Anna Łapkiewicz; Kazimierz Łapkiewicz; Sława Łapkiewicz
length 02'39
country Poland
year 1979; 1980
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0026 005

The author of the film is Jerzy Łapkiewicz, who filmed the events of his family’s life with a Quarz Zoom camera and Super 8 tape, borrowed from a colleague, who bought it in the Foto-Optyka shop.

Part 1

Winter. The film was made in the apartment of the Łapkiewicz family in the Rubinkowo housing estate in Toruń. A staged film depicts playing with a “living bag”. A shot of a large travel bag, standing on the floor. The bag moves. Jerzy shows the bag to his daughter, Ola, and leads her by the hand in its direction. He unzips the bag. The second daughter of Jerzy and Maria, Ania, comes out of the bag. Ola walks away towards the couch that is on the other side of the room and leans on it with her hands. Close-ups of Ola’s face, the girl sits in a bathtub filled with water.

Part 2

The film was made in Jerzy Łapkiewicz’s family home in Rypin. At the table, there are (from the left): Maria (Jerzy’s wife) with Ola (their daughter), Marta (Jerzy’s niece), Sławka (Jerzy’s mother), Ania (her granddaughter), and Kazimierz (Jerzy’s brother). Women feed the girls, who sit at the table. Jerzy and his mother play ring-a-ring-a-roses with the girls. The scene is filmed by Jerzy Łapkiewicz’s wife, Maria. 




keywords Poland  Toruń  Rubinkowo housing estate  fun  children  bathtub  family  free time 
source of funding Polish Film Institute