Łapkiewicz Family Archive

collection Łapkiewicz Family Archive
authors Jerzy Łapkiewicz
starring Jan Paweł II
length 02'40
country Poland
year 1983
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0026 008

The author of the film is Jerzy Łapkiewicz, who filmed the events of his family’s life with a Quarz Zoom camera and Super 8 tape, borrowed from a colleague, who bought it in the Foto-Optyka shop.

The film was made during the second pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II to Poland, to which Jerzy Łapkiewicz came from Toruń to Cracow by train. A shot of the faithful coming out of Saint Mary’s Basilica. They pass through Cracow’s Main Market Square. In the background, we can see the Cloth Hall. A close-up of the façade of Saint Mary’s Basilica, on which you can see two hanging white-and-red ribbons and a banner with the image of John Paul II. The crowd gathers in Cracow’s Błonia Park. In the distance, we can see the altar. A close-up of sector 2B sign. Heads of gathered people. The papal altar with portraits of those beatified during the Holy Mass celebrated on that day (June 22, 1983) in Błonia Park, Father Albert Chmielowski and Father Rafał Kalinowski, are set on the right side. 



keywords Poland  Cracow  Błonia  Saint Mary’s Basilica  Main Market Square  Cloth Hall  pilgrimage  pope  John Paul II  Karol Wojtyła  flags  banners  the faithful  crowd  altar 
source of funding Polish Film Institute