Major Family Archive

collection Major Family Archive
authors Bogdan Major
starring Andrzej Buja; Roman Lidziński; Joanna Major; Anna Szumigaj; Bartłomiej Szumigaj; Elżbieta Szumigaj; Piotr Szumigaj; Ryszrad Szumigaj; Lidia Walczak
length 04'56
country Poland
locations Sępólno Krajeńskie, Poland 
year 1980; 1984
format 8 mm
color color; black and white
signature PAFD 0028 011

The author of the film is Bogdan Major (born in 1945), who, after graduating from the Faculty of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, worked professionally as an electronics engineer in semiconductor technology in Toruń. From an early age he was interested in photography, and during his studies he was involved with the “Stodoła” Film Production Club, the “Kwant” Film Discussion Club, student radio broadcasters and, together with his wife Maria, the Literary Section of Radio Maryja. Bogdan bought his first camera after university to document family and social life. Maria’s brother-in-law Lech Szumigaj is also the author of some of the films or parts of them.

Part 1 

Film shot in May 1980 in Sępólno Krajeńskie after the christening of Bartek, son of Lech and Elżbieta Szumigaj. The family celebrates at the plot of Lech’s brother, Piotr. Ela Szumigaj is standing in front of the house talking to Piotr, mum Lucja Walczak and brother Witek, who is waving to the camera. Ryszard Szumigaj (brother of Lech and Piotr) is posing to the camera with his mum Helena and son. The whole family is walking in the countryside and picking lilac flowers growing wild. Little Bartek is sleeping in his pram. 

Part 2 

A film made during the First Holy Communion of Ania Szumigaj (daughter of Lech and Elżbieta) in 1984 or 1986. Lech, Ela, Ania and Bartek are posing for the camera in front of their house in Sępólno Krajeńskie. The Szumigaj family welcome the friendly Majora family, who have just arrived in their Fiat 126p (so-called “Maluch”). Ania with her brother Bartek, Joasia Major and the neighbours’ son Wojtek Nowicki are riding their bikes. Guests are sitting at the table and eating cake. As Bogdan Major recalls, cakes (especially walnut and meringue) were a speciality of the Szumigaj household. Priests Andrzej Buja and Roman Lidziński can also be seen among the congregation, as well as Elżbieta’s sister-in-law Lidia Walczak with her sons. After lunch, everyone is seated on couches and the floor and is singing together songs played by Lech on the guitar.  


keywords First Holy Communion  home  bicycle  car  maluch  fiat 126p  pie  cake  playing the guitar  instrument  child  priest  family  family life  religious life 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage