Jastrzębscy Family Archive

collection Jastrzębscy Family Archive
authors Andrzej Jastrzębski
starring Diana Jastrzębska
length 13'27
location Poland
year 1987
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0029 009
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the film is Andrzej Jastrzębski – a jazz tuba player, photography and old car enthusiast – who immortalized family memories using a Zenit camera and an 8 mm camera. 

Film made in 1987. 

Part 1 

Shots of the airport apron at Warsaw Okęcie and passengers leaving the arrivals hall. The Jastrzębskis are welcoming Ewa’s brother Kazimierz and his wife, who have come to Poland from the United States. The family is walking together along the Vistula River and is posing at the camera on the balcony of the flat of Ewa and Kazimierz’s mother, Zofia Wierzbicka, on Francuska Street in Saska Kępa.

Part 2 

Diana and Marianna are leading their younger brother Lech, who is just learning to walk, by the hands. The boy is standing in his cot and takes his first independent steps in the flat. 

Part 3 

Diana and her friends are participating in the blessing of the backpacks to mark the start of the school year. The girls are kneeling in front of the church altar with their backpacks in their hands. 

Part 4 

Diana with her mum, sister and baby brother in a pram are walking on the estate. The sisters are posing at the camera in front of the school together with their mum and a friend. The start of the school year, the children are entering the classroom dressed in gala clothes. Diana and her friend Dorota are posing at the camera at the teacher’s desk and at a school desk. 

Part 5

Family party at the flat. Shots of assembled family members sitting around a table. 

Part 6 

The girls, including sisters Diana and Marianna, are posing at the camera with a small cat during the birthday party of one of their friends.

Cz. 7 

The Jastrzębskis are visiting their friends, the Benesz family, in Anin, near Warsaw. The family is posing at the camera at the table. 



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