Bujnowscy Family Archive (2)

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive (2)
authors Barbara Bujnowska, Wiesław Bujnowski, Marcin Bujnowski
starring Barbara Bujnowska, Marcin Bujnowski, Zuzanna Bujnowska, Wiesław Bujnowski, Krystyna Pokusa, Wiesław Pokusa
length 04'58
country Polska
locations Gdańsk, Poland  Białystok, Poland 
year 1984
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0034 004

A film recorded by Barbara and Wiesław Bujnowski. The couple worked as architects on a daily basis, Barbara was also the president of the board of the Białystok branch of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) in the years 1987–1994.

Part 1

The film was shot during a family walk around Planty in Białystok after Sunday mass in the parish church (currently the Białystok Cathedral) around 1976. Barbara and Wiesław Bujnowscy with their daughter Zuzanna are walking along the park alley. During the walk, the family is also recorded by Barbara, and Marcin joins his father, who is walking with Zuzanna.

Part 2

Barbara and Zuzanna are dancing on a forest path, while Marcin is playing with a stick. The woman is wearing a self-sewn vest and a collar crocheted by her mother, Władysława Krawczyk. Zuzanna is wearing a dress she called “banana” because of the wedges, which were characteristic for the fashion of the time. Barbara takes turns with her husband, who plays tennis with the kids. As recalled by Zuzanna, Władysław learned to play by himself and often spent time at the tennis courts in Białystok.

Part 3

The film was made during the holidays with the Pokus family in Przymorze in Gdańsk. Marcin and Zuzanna go to the beach along the falowiec, where Krystyna Pokusa (Wiesław’s younger sister) lived with her husband Mieczysław. Children play in the sand on the beach, Wiesław rests on a blanket behind a windbreak and plays in the sea with the children.


keywords Poland  Gdańsk  Przymorze  Białystok  Planty park  holidays  sea  summer  fun  children  family  family life  walk  sport  tennis  active leisure  beach  block  block of flats 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage