Bujnowscy Family Archive (2)

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive (2)
authors Barbara Bujnowska, Wiesław Bujnowski
starring Elżbieta Bujnowska; Barbara Bujnowska; Marcin Bujnowski; Kazimierz Bujnowski; Wiesław Bujnowski; Zuzanna Bujnowska; Maria Dąbrowska; Wiesława Krawczyk; Anna Kułaga; Magdalena Pokusa; Mieczysław Pokusa; Krystyna Pokusa; Ewa Zuchowicz
length 15'50
location Poland, Białystok, Kielce, Wesoła, Tykocin
year 1972 - 1975
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0034 008
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

A film made by Barbara and Wiesław Bujnowski between 1971 and 1975 in Białystok, Tykocin and Kielce. The couple worked as architects on a daily basis, Barbara was also the president of the board of the Białystok branch of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) in the years 1987–1994.

Part 1

Probably 1971. Barbara stands at the drawing board in the design office at July Manifest Street (now Saint Roch) in Białystok. The woman is wearing a cotton apron; on the board you can see carbon papers and a gearshift.

Part 2

Barbara holds her daughter Zuzanna in her arms, son Marcin stands next to her. Genre scenes in the apartment.

Part 3

The film was made during a family trip to the forest near Białystok, probably in 1972. Barbara is playing with Zuzanna and Marcin on a sandy road, in the background there is the first family car – a zastava. The parents take turns – Wiesław walks with the children, and Barbara records family members. Wiesław and Barbara take turns playing in front of the camera with Zuzanna and Marcin.


Part 4

The film was recorded during a family walk around Białystok, probably in 1972. Barbara and Wiesław take turns walking with Zuzanna and Marcin in the park and at the Branicki Palace. In the background you can see the building of one of the hospital wards at Maria Skłodowska-Curie Street. Barbara is wearing a homemade crochet hat. The family is walking by the Municipal Stadium.

Part 5

Barbara with Zuzanna and Marcin walks around the park and around the Branicki Palace – you can see the gardens, a representative passage with a colonnade leading to the courtyard and the main gate.

Part 6

Genre scenes in the Bujnowski family’s apartment at Wesoła Street in Białystok. Marcin and Zuzanna are playing a ball in the room. In the background you can see a bookshelf with books, a radio and a TV. As Zuzanna recalls, books were always present in the family home. The Bujnowskis were united by their love for literature, although they had different tastes – Barbara preferred fiction, while Wiesław preferred philosophy and architectural books. Marcin is playing with a toy airplane.

Part 7

The film was recorded during Wiesław’s family home visit in Tykocin. The house with the garden was a reunion meeting place for the Wiesław’ families, his brother Lech and sister Krystyna. To this day, the house is a springboard for the families of Zuzanna and Marcin Bujnowski. Barbara’s sister’s daughter, Ania Kułaga (maiden name Zuchowicz), pushes Zuzanna in a garden swing for children, while other family members rest on deckchairs. Family members walk around Tykocin, cross the bridge over the Narew River and watch the open-air exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture students from the Warsaw University of Technology on Złota Street.

Part 8

Marcin and Zuzanna are playing in an apartment on Wesoła Street in Bialystok.

Part 9

The Bujnowski family together with the families of Wiesław’s siblings spend time at home in Tykocin. Barbara together with Elżbieta (Lech’s wife), Magda Pokusa and her mother Krystyna (Wiesław’s sister) are sitting at the table and then resting on deckchairs. Zuzanna and Magda are playing in the garden and putting lollipops in a bucket of water. Uncle Mieczysław Pokusa (Krystyna’s husband) fixes Marcin’s bicycle wheel.

Part 10

The Bujnowski family’s apartment on Wesoła Street in Białystok. Marcin and Zuzanna are sitting on the couch with their maternal grandmother, Władysława Krawczyk. In the room you can also see Barbara and Ewa Zuchowicz (the eldest daughter of Barbara’s sister, Kamila)

Part 11

Zuzanna and Marcin, together with their mother, are walking around Kielce – Barbara’s hometown. Later, Wiesław and Barbara take turns behind the camera.

Part 12

Barbara is lying in bed, Zuzanna is sitting next to her.

Part 13

The family spends time at home in Tykocin. Zuzanna plays with Magda Pokusa in the garden under the supervision of Magda’s mother, Krystyna Pokusa; in the background you can also see the neighbor Maria Dąbrowska (called Marzenka). Kazimierz Bujnowski (Father of Wiesław) smokes cigarettes with his daughter Krystyna. Zuzanna, Wiesław with Marcin on his lap and Elżbieta (wife of Lech, Wiesław’s brother) are sitting on garden deckchairs. Shot of November 11 Street in Tykocin. Marcin with his aunt Elżbieta, Zuzanna and grandfather Kazimierz are walking on the bridge. Zuzanna is walking in the garden, holding her grandfather’s hand. Adults play with children and relax on deckchairs. You can also see a neighbor, Janusz (son of Maria Dąbrowska), who spent his holidays with his grandmother.

Part 14

The family is walking in the Branicki park, Planty and around the Zwierzyniecki park in Białystok.



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