Kęszyccy Family Archive

collection Kęszyccy Family Archive
authors Marcin Kęszycki
starring Maria Przyborowska; Maria Kęszycka; Marcin Kęszycki; Wojciech Kęszycki
length 03'15
location Poland
year 1964
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0036 019
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the film is Marcin Kęszycki, who as a teenager documented family and social life with a Newa 2 camera. 

An account of a family holiday in the Pustelnia forester’s lodge in the Notecka Forest (near Sieraków and Wronki) in July 1964. The Kęszycki family spent their holidays in the forester’s lodge several years in a row, and the author of the film still goes to visit this place today. Shots of the brick house and outbuildings in the courtyard. Maria Kęszycka (Marcin’s mother) is leaving the forester’s lodge, Maria Przyborowska (Marcin’s grandmother, painter using the pseudonym T. Marwid) can also be seen standing in the threshold. Marcin and his brother Wojtek are sailing in a pontoon on Lake Chojno, a few dozen meters away from the forester’s lodge, and later one of them is fishing. The pontoon was a dream of the brothers, who bought it with the money they earned from farm work and selling mushrooms. The boys’ mother and grandmother sunbathe on the grass. Shots of a tent pitched by the shore and holidaymakers relaxing by the lake. 



keywords Poland; Notecka Forest; Lake Chojno; Pustelnia forester’s lodge; lake; summer; holidays; leisure time; tent; tent tourism; pontoon fishing; sunbathing; family; family life