Buda Family Archive

collection Buda Family Archive
authors Jacek Buda
starring Irmina Buda; Jacek Buda; Grażyna Jamiołkowska; Wojciech Molenda; Stanisława Molska; Adam Staszewski; Anna Staszewska; Elżbieta Staszewska; Zenon Staszewski; Wiktor Staszewski
length 21'30
country Poland
year 1980-1981
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0037 019

Zygmunt Buda was born in Poznań in 1924 and was interested in photography since his childhood. From 1941, he worked in the Poznań photographic company Foto-Stewner, founded by Ernest Stewner. After the end of the war, he worked as a photographer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from which, in the 50s, he was dismissed for political incorrectness. From the 60s, he worked in the Film Services Department at the corner of Marszałkowska and Krucza streets in Warsaw. Zygmunt recorded films with a business camera with a 16-millimeter tape and a private SANYO camera with an 8-millimeter tape, which he received as a gift from a family living in the USA. His sons, Jacek and Marek, as well as the next generations of the Buda family, also became enthusiasts of filming family life.

Part 1

An account of a spring trip to Nadbrzeż to the grandparents of Irmina Staszewska, then the future wife of Jacek Buda. Irmina and her grandmother, Stanisława Molska, leave the house and walk around the yard. There is a parked Fiat 126p, a “maluch”. Irmina strokes a cat, takes it in her arms and shows it to the camera. Jacek and Irmina walk along the Vistula embankment towards the orchards belonging to the woman’s grandparents. On the way, the couple smells flowering fruit trees. Jacek climbs a ladder leaning against a tree. A shot of a stork flying over the field. Irmina feeds the hens in the yard and packs things into the trunk of her “maluch”. Her grandfather, Stanisław Molski, walks around the yard. Irmina says goodbye to her grandmother. A car trip, a shot of the eyes of the driving woman in a car mirror.

Part 2 

A trip to Wilanów after a military oath at university. Jacek with Irmina and their friend, Grażyna Jamiołkowska, walk around the palace.

Part 3

Summer, 1980. Irmina and Jacek collect cherries in grandpa Stanisław’s orchard.

Part 4

An account of Irmina and Jacek’s stay at Lake Roś near Pisz in September 1980. The couple rests at the swimming pool. Irmina sunbathes on a sun lounger. Jacek walks on a wooden pier.

 Part 5

A visit to the Staszewski family in Domaniewice in the summer of 1981. Jacek and Irmina invite the family of the future bride to the wedding, which will take place in October of the same year. The hosts sit on chairs in front of a wooden house. Next to it, we can see a parked “maluch”, chickens and turkeys walking around the yard. The family members are gathered in front of the house. There is Irmina’s grandfather (Adam), her mother (Elżbieta), the siblings of Irmina’s father (Wiktor and Zenon) with three daughters, and their sister (Regina).

 Part 6

An account of the civil wedding of Jacek and Irmina on October 17, 1981 at the Wedding Palace in the Warsaw Old Town. Shots from the wedding hall: the official, the bride and groom and the gathered guests. The witnesses, Anna Staszewska (the bride’s sister) and Wojciech Molenda (Jacek’s friend from the student group), sign the documents. The official reads the oath, and the young couple exchanges their wedding rings. The wedding in the church of St. Anna in Krakowskie Przedmieście. The young couple approaches the altar, where a priest awaits them.



keywords Poland  Warsaw  Nadbrzeż  Domaniewice  Wedding Palace  St. Anne’s Church  Krakowskie Przedmieście  Wilanów  Lake Roś  orchard  holiday  rest  sun lounger  sunbathing  cherries  chickens  farm  village  family  family life  wedding  church  ceremony  groom  bride  newlyweds  military oath 
source of funding Polish Film Institute