Buda Family Archive

collection Buda Family Archive
authors Jacek Buda
starring Irmina Buda; Jacek Buda
length 23'41
country Poland
year 1979
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0037 021

Zygmunt Buda was born in Poznań in 1924 and was interested in photography since his childhood. From 1941, he worked in the Poznań photographic company Foto-Stewner, founded by Ernest Stewner. After the end of the war, he worked as a photographer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from which, in the 50s, he was dismissed for political incorrectness. From the 60s, he worked in the Film Services Department at the corner of Marszałkowska and Krucza streets in Warsaw. Zygmunt recorded films with a business camera with a 16-millimeter tape and a private SANYO camera with an 8-millimeter tape, which he received as a gift from a family living in the USA. His sons, Jacek and Marek, as well as the next generations of the Buda family, also became enthusiasts of filming family life.

Part 1 

An account of a trip in Fiat 126p (“maluch”) to Zalesie Górne in 1979. A shot of a car leaving the parking lot. Irmina Staszewska, the future wife of the author of the film, Jacek Buda, walks in the forest and, smiling, runs towards the camera. She combs her tangled hair. In the next shot, the woman sits in one of the boats moored at the pier. Rainfall made it impossible for the couple to boat on the reservoir. Shots of Irmina drying her clothes in a car with the heating turned on.

Part 2

An account of Irmina and Jacek’s trip to Krynica Morska in September 1979. The couple spends time by the sea, walking on the beach and feeding the seagulls. A trip to Gdańsk. The woman poses for a camera in front of the Fountain of Neptune. Irmina plays with cats near the passenger port in Krynica Morska and walks on the pier. Irmina leans out of the window of the room in the FWP “Bandera” resort, then she does her hair in front of the mirror. 

A couple goes to the post office with a package of unnecessary things. Jacek and Irmina walk around Krynica Morska. The woman eats a sandwich and changes clothes on a bench. A room in the resort. Irmina sits on one of the beds, and next to her, there is her packed luggage. Irmina sunbathes at the launched fishing boats in the port. The couple spends time on the beach. Irmina dances against the background of the sea. Jacek fools around and takes turns posing with his beloved for the camera at the fishing boats located on the beach. Irmina sorts amber collected during the trip.


keywords Poland  Zalesie Górne  Krynica Morska  Gdańsk  Vistula Lagoon  Baltic Sea  Neptune fountain  sea  summer  trip  holiday  sightseeing  city  boats  beach  sunbathing  waves  amber  free time  walks  cat  pier  guesthouse  package  park  bench  car  “maluch” 
source of funding Polish Film Institute