Buda Family Archive

collection Buda Family Archive
authors Zygmunt Buda
starring Marek Buda
length 0:02:32
country Poland
year 1965; 1966
format 16 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0037 048

Zygmunt Buda was born in Poznań in 1924 and was interested in photography since his childhood. From 1941, he worked in the Poznań photographic company Foto-Stewner, founded by Ernest Stewner. After the end of the war, he worked as a photographer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from which, in the 50s, he was dismissed for political incorrectness. From the 60s, he worked in the Film Services Department at the corner of Marszałkowska and Krucza streets in Warsaw. Zygmunt recorded films with a business camera with a 16-millimeter tape and a private SANYO camera with an 8-millimeter tape, which he received as a gift from a family living in the USA. His sons, Jacek and Marek, as well as the next generations of the Buda family, also became enthusiasts of filming family life.

The film was made by Zygmunt Buda during a scout camp in Serpelice by the Bug River organized by Mokotów troop in the summer of 1965 or 1966. As the author’s son, Jacek Buda, recalls, at that time the troop tried to get the name “Gray Ranks”, which it received in 1967, which coincided with Jacek’s accession to scouting. Scouts work in the forest, dig a large pit and saw wood, probably for the camp latrine. Campers stand in a row on the beach, then run into the river. The boys swim and play in the water under the supervision of the team leaders, Maciej and Midzio junior (the man with glasses and a beard), who served as a scoutmaster at subsequent camps after Jacek joined the scouts. Among the bathing boys, we can see Marek (Jacek’s brother) and the brothers’ friends from their neighbourhood.


keywords Poland  Serpelice  Bug  summer  holiday  camp  scouts  scouting  ZHP  Mokotów troop  work  forest  latrine  river  beach  swimming  fun 
source of funding Polish Film Institute