Małanicz Family Archive

collection Małanicz Family Archive
authors Eugeniusz Małanicz
starring Eugeniusz Małanicz
length 11'54
location Poland
format 16 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0039 001
source of funding Polish Film Institute

The author of the film is Eugeniusz Małanicz (born in 1904 in Zelczyn). He was an electrical engineer by trade, but a cinematographer and a collector of films and film cameras by passion. In 1925, he founded the touring cinema “Oaza”, touring around the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The cinema went bankrupt after a year, but the passion for the cinema remained with Eugeniusz until his death. In December 1939, he moved with his family to Warsaw and settled in Saska Kępa. An important place in his life was Giby – a village in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, to which he traveled from the late forties. There he rested, kayaked and took pictures. He also died there in 1982. The hood of his beloved car (Hansa) was put on his tombstone.

Part 1
Shots from a holiday resort. Some holidaymakers lie on lawn chairs and blankets. Two women stand by the lake with rackets to play. Two men carry a kayak towards the lake.

Part 2
A group of people walk towards the church.

Part 3
The family gets into a parked car.

Part 4
The film was made during a trip to the park in Arkadia and the palace in Nieborów. Shots of Murgrabia House located in the park and of numerous walkers. Participants of the tour get on the bus. A shot of the facade of the palace in Nieborów and the scene from the open-air museum.

Part 5
Shot from inside the church. Several elegantly dressed people listen to the mass, sitting on the pews in front of the church.

Part 6
The film was made during a holiday trip to the lake. The boy swims in an inflatable wheel. The adults rest on a wooden pier, go boating and kayaking on the lake. A woman cuts out a large mushroom growing in front of the cottage. Chickens run around the yard. A woman washes her clothes in the lake and later sails a boat.

Part 7
Cemetery. The family lights candles on a grave.

Part 8
Christmas. The family members make wishes to each other.

Part 9
Summer, scout camp. Campers play in the camp and swim in the lake.

Part 10
Social gathering in an apartment.

Part 11
Shots of the ruins of a castle.

Part 12
Eugeniusz Małanicz presents his film equipment in his family apartment in Warsaw’s Saska Kępa district. On the table, there are various old projectors and film cameras. The man puts the tape in one of the projectors and starts it.


keywords Poland, Nieborów, Arkadia Park, Christmas, palace, holidays, summer, lake, kayak, sunbathing, leisure, free time, open-air museum, cemetery, grave, candles, camp, scouts, ZHP (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association), camp, film camera, film equipment, film tape, projector