Bujnowscy Family Archive

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive
authors Jan Bujnowski
starring Teresa Bujnowska; Marta Bujnowska; Rafał Bujnowski
length 02'42
country Poland
year 1985
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0033 002

Teresa Bujnowska, Marta (her daughter), Rafał (her son).

A holiday trip of the Bujnowski family to Leszczyńskie Lake District, to Olejnickie Lake. Water lilies on the lake. We can see the lake, a waterbike, a sailboat. A man swims on the lake on a board with a sail (windsurfing). Rafał and Marta are on a slide on the lake shore, Marta slides down into the water. Eel gutting. Anglers by the shore with a caught eel. Teresa sits on a pier. A woman with children stands by the shore. Swans have swam up to them.


keywords Leszczyńskie Lake District  Olejnickie Lake  summer  water lilies  windsurfing  slide  fish gutting  fishing  eel  pier  swans 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage