Bujnowscy Family Archive

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive
authors Jan Bujnowski
starring Teresa Bujnowska; Jan Bujnowski; Marta Bujnowska; Rafał Bujnowski; Ewa Madeja; Anna Madeja; Tomek Madeja; Barbara Pietras; Marian Pietras; Maciej Pietras
length 02'13
country Poland
year 1984
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0033 006

Teresa Bujnowska, Jan Bujnowski, Marta (their daughter), Rafał (their son); Ewa Madeja (Teresa’s sister), Anna (her daughter) and Tomek (her son); Barbara Pietras (Teresa’s sister), Marian (her husband) and Maciek (their son).

A film from a family trip to the Bieszczady mountains. There were three families on the trip: the Bujnowski family and Teresa’s two sisters, Ewa Madeja and Barbara Pietras, with their families. Ewa, Teresa Bujnowska’s sister, passes next to the tents, put up in a glade in the Bieszczady mountains. Teresa sunbathes on a sun lounger. In front of her, there is Marta and her cousin, Ania (Ewa’s daughter). Ewa smokes a cigarette, then she sits next to Teresa on the second sun lounger. A view of the lake and sailing boats. On the lake shore, we can see the whole group with fishing rods in their hands: Mr and Mrs Bujnowski, Teresa’s sisters (Ewa and Barbara), Barbara’s husband (Marian) and children (Rafał, Marta, Ania, Tomek and Maciek). Teresa sunbathes on an inflatable mattress. Jan approaches the car, a Fiat 126p, and covers it with a blanket. A shot of the campsite, chairs and tourist tables set up in front of the tents, a sitting family. Adults and children walk towards the camera, carrying a raft. A badminton game in the meadow.


keywords Bieszczady mountains  family  camping trip  sunbathing  sun lounger  cigarette  sailboat  fishing  car  Fiat 126p  “Maluch”  raft  badminton 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage