Bujnowscy Family Archive

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive
authors Jan Bujnowski
starring Marta Bujnowska; Rafał Bujnowski
length 01'07
location Poland
year 1986
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0033 009
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Siblings: Marta Bujnowska, Rafał Bujnowski.

A film from a holiday trip of the Bujnowski family to Leszczyńskie Lake District, to Lake Przemęckie. A view of the camp, two tents put up by the lake. Arik, the family dog, lies in front of one of the tents. A red Fiat 126p, “Maluch”, is parked next to the tents. Marta swings on a rope suspended between two trees, a makeshift swing made by her parents. Rafał, who sits under a tree, watches the area through binoculars. Marta sunbathes on a sun lounger nearby. The view of a pair of swans with their young on the lake.


keywords Leszczyńskie Lake District, Przemęckie Lake, tent, swing, rope, dog, sun lounger, children, swans, binoculars