Bujnowscy Family Archive

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive
authors Jan Bujnowski
starring Teresa Bujnowska;Jan Bujnowski; Marta Bujnowska; Rafał Bujnowski; Maciej Pietras
length 03'40
country Poland
year 1986
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0033 010

Teresa Bujnowska, Jan Bujnowski, Marta (their daughter), Rafał (their son), Maciek Pietras (their cousin).

A film from a short holiday trip of the Bujnowski family to Leszczyńskie Lake District, to Lake Przemęckie. Teresa and Rafał walk towards the lake. Rafał is dressed in pajamas. Teresa waves with a towel and plays with the dog – Arik. Teresa and Rafał wash themselves on a small pier by the lake. The pier was built by Jan for this trip. Rafał enters the tent and drags the dog behind him. The dog holds the end of the towel in his teeth. Teresa smokes a cigarette on a sun lounger, takes off her shirt and talks to the dog. They fool around in front of the camera. Rafał plays with Arik. Arik jumps on Teresa, who sits on a sun lounger. Jan puts a small sailboat (“Figiel”) off the pier. Marta, Rafał and Maciek (their cousin) play in the water.


keywords Leszczyńskie Lake District  Przemęckie Lake  pier  washing  tent  dog  fun  fooling around  cigarette  sun lounger  sailboat  swimming 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage