Matugowie Family Archive

collection Matugowie Family Archive
authors Franciszek Matug
length 08'28
location Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0030 012
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the films is Franciszek Matug, born in 1926 in Zalasowa (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). A son of Maria and Błażej. He came from a peasant family. During the war, he fought in the Home Army units and Peasant Battalions. Immediately after the end of the war, he came to Niedomice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) to work on the construction of the Cellulose Plant, where he met his future wife, Maria Sikora. In the 60s, he became a chemical engineer. In later years, he worked at the “Galwa” Haberdashery Products Plant in Tarnów. He died in a car accident in 1982.

Outdoor shots from Niedomice. A stork walks in the field and starts flying. The panorama of the area. Shots of the bridge in Biskupice. Cars pass by. A bus to Tarnów passes by. A man walks his dog. Blurred shots of the church from the outside. The film was made during the celebration of the bank holiday on May 1 in Tarnów (ul. Lwowska, view of the market square with the town hall). The gathered residents observe the parade with flags, in which representatives of various professional groups take part. We can also see groups in traditional folk costumes. The street is decorated with flags. A car passes in a train of cars. The orchestra with musicians in folk costumes, followed by next groups carrying banners. A car with a “May 1” banner passes by. Shots taken during the leather goods fair (probably in Poznań). Exhibition of leather goods. Outdoor exhibition of boats. The building with the inscription “Unification of the sports equipment industry building 41”. A building with the sign “Craft Department Store”. Factory of Haberdashery Products “Galwa” in Tarnów. Men stand in front of the building. The interior of the office and its employees. A shot from the train: sign “Ostrów Wlkp.”.


keywords Poland, Niedomice, Biskupice, Tarnów, village, field, stork, bridge, car, bus, walk, dog, town hall, First May parade, flags, city, folk clothes, crowd, banner, fair, leather goods, exhibition, boats, factory of Haberdashery “Galwa”, office, train