Hassa Family Archive

collection Hassa Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Hassa
starring Irena Hassa; Joanna Hassa; Katarzyna Hassa
length 03'25
country Poland
locations Tęgoborze, Poland  Warsaw, Poland 
year 1986–1987
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0000 001

The author of the film is Zbigniew Hassa. Since the age of 14, he had worked as an electrician in Warsaw Trams (then MZK). When his daughters, Joanna and Katarzyna, were born, he decided to start filming events from the life of the family. 

The film was made during a winter camp in the mountains, in which the daughters of Zbigniew and Irena Hassa, Joanna and Katarzyna, participated. It is one of several films made during winter or summer camps, to which the whole family went: Irena Hassa, who worked as a kindergarten teacher, was a camp educator and Zbigniew was employed as a repairman. He also made films from the trips and organized attractions for young people. Their daughters, Joanna and Katarzyna, were participants of the camps. The trips were organized by the education department of the Żoliborz district. The first shots are not very visible: a group of people walks along a snow-covered road. A carriage drawn by a horse, which is driven by a highlander in a regional costume, passes them. A group of young people (participants of the winter camp), with Joasia and Kasia among them, sit on fallen trunks by the road. The panorama of the mountains. In the distance, we can see a castle on a hill. A group of young people descends from the mountain. There are ruins of a defensive wall. Joasia and Kasia, holding hands, stand next to the ruins. Shot from above. We can see young people walking towards the bus. Joasia and Kasia, walking through a town (probably Nowy Targ), eat waffles with whipped cream. The panorama of snowy mountains. Close-ups of Kasia. There is Joasia with a bag and a suitcase. Kasia goes down the stairs of the resort building. Packing luggage into the bus. A short shot of the Old Town in Warsaw shows Irena Hass walking with her daughters. 


keywords Poland  Warsaw  Tęgoborze  Old Town in Warsaw  winter  winter camp  ruins  snow  coach  school  luggage  town  waffles  family  trip 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage