Hassa Family Archive

collection Hassa Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Hassa
starring Irena Hassa; Zbigniew Hassa; Joanna Hassa; Katarzyna Hassa
length 05'17
country Poland
locations Warsaw, Poland 
year 1988–1989
format 16 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0000 025

The author of the film is Zbigniew Hassa. Since the age of 14, he had worked as an electrician in Warsaw Trams (then MZK). When his daughters, Joanna and Katarzyna, were born, he decided to start filming events from the life of the family. 

An account of the visit of family friends, Daisy and Raimund, who were Swiss. Outdoor shots, streets of Warsaw. Daisy and Raimund are accompanied by Irena and Joasia near the Central Railway Station. Shots of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. A shot of the Marriott hotel building, with the LOT logo on the façade. Irena, with her daughter and the Swiss, stand in front of it. (Daisy and Raimund stayed at this hotel.) A walk through the streets of Warsaw’s Old Town, next to the Royal Castle, through the Old Town Square and next to the Barbican. We can see Irena with her both daughters, Daisy and Raimund. The interior of the apartment, around Christmas. Asia and Kasia sit on armchairs next to a decorated Christmas tree. Kasia puts a cap on the head of a small dog, Funia. The dog is not happy. It holds the cap in its teeth. Scenes from a social gathering in the apartment of the Hassa family. At the table, there is Irena, Kazimierz (a friend supplier from camp trips) and a friend from the Tatra Mountains from Gwoźnica Górna, named Kozimor. Kozimor kisses Irena. Irena looks at a piece of paper. The men drink vodka out of shot glasses. The men hug each other in front of the camera. Irena puts a hat on her head and dances with Kozimor. Scenes from a family walk in the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw. Joasia and Kasia walk together and Irena walks with Zbigniew. Zbigniew crouches on a shore of a pond where ducks swim. Open-air shots. Easter. In front of the church, there is a table set with Easter baskets. Joasia adds her basket. Irena stands with her both daughters. The priest blesses the food. Irena and her daughters go with their basket.


keywords Poland  Warsaw  Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw  Old Town in Warsaw  Barbican  Marriott hotel  portraits  walk  tram  foreign aid  friends  Christmas  Christmas tree  dog  playing with dog  marriage  kiss  antics  dance  park  pond  duck  Easter  blessing food  basket  Easter basket  priest  church 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage