Bełżeccy Family Archive

collection Bełżeccy Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Bełżecki
starring Marzena Bełżecka; Jadwiga Bełżecka
length 07'33
location Poland
year 1969; 1974
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0006 002
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Part 1

Genre scenes from a family visit to Wieliczka, at a cousin’s place, presumably in 1969. The theme of the film is playing with the child, splashing and running in the water. Summer carefree time.

Part 2 

Genre scenes from Marzena’s stay with her parents in Międzyzdroje in 1974. There was a Cracow’s Polfa resort. Marzena and her mother went there every year. As she counted, they had 11 such stays, but her father did not want to go to the seaside and was in Międzyzdroje only once. The rhythm of the day on the trip was determined by meals in the resort, which interrupted the all-day stay on the beach. Marzena and Jadwiga, after the end of the work holidays, often stayed in Międzyzdroje for additional two weeks in rented accommodation. The film consists of typical scenes from a holiday by the Baltic Sea: swimming in the sea, walks on the beach and sunbathing among beach baskets. After staying with her mother in Międzyzdroje, Marzena went with her father to Masuria, where they sailed a boat built by Zbigniew and met with his friends and acquaintances from Warsaw.



keywords Poland, Międzyzdroje, Wieliczka, Baltic Sea, dog, sea, pier, playground, beach basket, fun, children, bath, river