Bełżeccy Family Archive

collection Bełżeccy Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Bełżecki
starring Zbigniew Bełżecki; Marzena Kawalerowicz; Jadwiga Bełżecka; Piotr Skrzynecki
length 00:13:57
location Poland
year 1970; 1974;
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0006 012
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Part 1

Scenes from the life of the family. A trip to the mountains around 1970. Marzena paints eggs in colorful patterns, then the action moves near Zakopane. Sunbathing among fruit trees, swimming in the river, walking mountain trails, visiting the public pool and zoo, overnight camping and resting on the mountain slopes on the trail, where the family passes the mountain pilgrimage. All this interspersed with photos depicting nature and vegetation. 

Part 2

A short stay in Dobczyce in June 1974, the family rests by the Rawa River.

Part 3

Cracow, students’ holiday. Marzena had not yet started her studies. The march of Piwnica pod Baranami cabaret led by Piotr Skrzynecki, who was accompanied by a brass band. The passage of old cars, stage performances. An exhibition of works by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Marzena and her future husband, Jacek Kawalerowicz, put their works up for sale in the street.

Part 4

Departure to Poręba, a small town near Cracow. Genre scenes: putting up a tent, evening bonfire, walk and nature.

Part 5

Genre scenes from a weekend family getaway, this time by the Biała Przemsza River. Marzena and her mother, Jadwiga, lie on the grass and cuddle with each other. Putting up a tent, a small bonfire, roasting sausages and cooking a meal on a gas cylinder.



keywords Zakopane, Dobczyce, Rawa, Cracow, Poręba, Biała Przemsza, Easter eggs, swimming pool, zoo, mountains, pilgrimage, nature, bathing, river, student’s holiday, brass band, old cars, street painting exhibition, bonfire, roasting sausages