Oparowscy Family Archive

collection Oparowscy Family Archive
authors Zygmunt Oparowski
starring Maria Oparowska z domu Gorzelak; Zygmunt Oparowski; Lech Oparowski
length 16'26
location Poland
year 1964
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0013 010
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Maria Oparowska, Zygmunt Oparowski and Lech (their son).

The board “My City Częstochowa”, 1953, 1964 (these are initial boards of films made by Zygmunt Oparowski). Winter scenes made on embankments near Jasna Góra Monastery. Leszek carries skis on his shoulder. The next shots show Leszek skiing down between the trees that grow on the hill. We can also see other people skiing and sledging. The film was made in spring during a family visit to Jasna Góra Monastery. Jasna Góra Basilica, the monument of Christ carrying the cross, a park, and monastery walls. Maria and Leszek walk along the wall. Leszek leans out of the wall and watches the park. Maria and Leszek look at the park. The basilica and monastery buildings. Maria walks with Zygmunt. A group of people gathers in front of the monument. A building with arcades, pilgrims kneel in front of the entrance. One of Częstochowa streets. In the distance, we can see the basilica tower. Zygmunt walks towards the camera. Inside the church, a panorama on the walls. We can see paintings, tourists, and above one of the entrances the inscription “enclosure”. From 05:45 an animated film, “Well, Just You Wait!”, prod. USSR.


keywords Częstochowa, embankments, Jasna Góra Monastery, skiing, sledding, park, Jasna Góra Basilica, monument, monastery walls, sightseeing, tourists, monument, pilgrims, church, enclosure