Oparowscy Family Archive

collection Oparowscy Family Archive
length 15'07
location Poland
format 16 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0013 011
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The film was included in the family collection in unexplained circumstances. None of the family members recognized the people in it. Inside the apartment, a girl plays the piano (there are notes and hands on the keys) and smiles at the camera. We can see a family on the balcony, a housing estate from above and a passing tram. A park, a woman and the girl walk and wave at the camera. The girl climbs the rocks. Inside the apartment. A man in a military uniform waives at the camera. A woman and the man in uniform stand on the balcony. A panorama around the housing estate. The view through the window of the estate. The woman combs her hair. The man and the woman play the piano. A park. The woman and the man in a military uniform walk in the park. The couple hugs. The man waives his military cap and salutes to the camera. A short shot inside the apartment, we can see the woman, the man and open windows. Two married couples walk in a park with a fountain. Around other walkers. Swans in a pond.

Inside the apartment, the man lies on the bed with his hand folded behind his head, later close-ups of the woman. A shot in front of the house. Inside the apartment, we can see notes on the piano, a bed and a doll on it. A tapestry hangs on the wall. The woman sits at a table with an open box. There is a portrait of a girl on a music stand. The man bends over a gramophone (Bambino), later we can see him standing with a piece of paper in his hand. In the foreground, the man and the woman stand head to head. They kiss. The woman plays the piano. The woman with the man film themselves in the mirror. The woman holds the camera. The woman with an older man in front of a block of flats in a housing estate. The woman and the man get on a tram and leave. The woman runs up to a tram. A shot from the tram, we can see a bus (Jelcz “Ogórek”). A shot from inside the tram, we can see standing women. Inside the apartment, the man in a military uniform. Open-air scenes in front of a house. An elderly woman plays a toy duck on wheels on the sidewalk and lets it go towards the camera. The same woman among the trees, plucks fruits from branches. A woman with a man in uniform in front of a hut. Two women look at toys together. The man in uniform salutes to the camera. A man in dark glasses approaches the woman. They greet each other. The man kisses the elderly woman’s hand. The woman takes his dark glasses and puts them on herself. She puts on a military cap, fools around in front of the camera. The soldier gets on tram number 8. He walks through the housing estate. In the background, there is a shop – a SAM grocery shop. A park, the soldier walks down an alley, puts on dark glasses, and waives at the camera. A family party, winter. Inside, a man in a suit enters through the door, an elderly couple sits at a round table. We can see a cake and plates on the table. The man greets everyone and sits down at the table. A shot of two women and a bottle of cabernet wine. A decorated Christmas tree. A man drinks wine from a bottle. A woman with a photo camera in her hands takes a picture of the camera operator. A woman enters the room with a cat in her hands, gives it to a younger woman, who presents the cat to the camera. The cat is taken over by another woman. She brings it to the Christmas tree and shows him how the baubles move. The cat jumps off the table. The family at the table. The men fool around. One of them tries to feed the other with cake, then he feeds a woman too. An elderly woman approaches the Christmas tree.


keywords piano, balcony, housing estate, tram, park, soldier, hair combing, hugging, couple, fountain, walk, swans, doll, Bambino gramophone, kiss, mirror, camera, bus, Jelcz, toy, hut, antics, SAM grocery shop, winter, Christmas tree, family party, cake, wine, alcohol, photo camera, cat, baubles