Oparowscy Family Archive

collection Oparowscy Family Archive
length 14'34
country Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0013 012

The film was included in the Oparowski family collection in unexplained circumstances. None of the family members recognized the people in it. Out-of-focus shots. A man sits next to a radio, a woman enters with a little girl in her arms. The woman sits with the girl at a table on which there is a jumping jack toy, a wizard. A couple on the couch with two children. A man entertains them. A woman puts a large teddy bear on his shoulders. A man gives a child cookies from a plate. A woman comes in with plates of soup. The child reaches for the cookie. Inside the church, baptism. A street, a church from the outside, taxis (Warszawa cars). Parents leave the church with their child in a festive blanket. A party at home. There is a bouquet of tulips and Navip muscat wine on the table. Parents stand next to the child in a wicker crib. They hold toys, a doll and a Donald duck, rattles hang above the bed. We can see another, older child. Open-air, a yard, women and children, a man smoking a cigarette in a cigarette holder, a dog. A party at home. A woman at the set table, next to her, a man with a glass. A man drinks from a glass. A woman with a child on her lap. The child licks a spoon and eats a cake from a plate. We can see a Christmas tree. The man smiles at the camera. A very short shot. A family stands by a new grave on which there are flowers. A shot of the family at the table. A girl hangs a bauble on the Christmas tree. Winter. A woman walks through a snow-covered park with a shawl on her head, in a coat and with a handbag. A woman with a man in a hat. An indoor shot. An elderly woman with a girl in her arms. The girl is dissatisfied. Three women at a table. One of them holds a toy wizard in her hand. An older woman with a girl is approached by a little boy. The girl grimaces. A man plays the piano. A woman sings, holding the text in her hand. The others listen. People sitting at the table pass on a large teddy bear to each other. A man fools around, beats the teddy bear with his fist and then kisses it. Later, he “walks” the teddy bear on the table towards the girl. She laughs. More shots of antics at the table. Children climb on the bed. The boy gives a kiss to the girl. An open-air shot, winter, a walk in a park. A woman and a man leave a building. Three women and a girl inside a place with many toys (an exhibition, a shop or a toy fair). A woman smokes a cigarette. Shots of toys on display: balls, figurines, teddy bears, animals, rocking horses, dolls in folk costumes, prams for dolls, dolls on a rotating exhibition, inflatable balls, boats, toy cars, a bear in a swing, duck figurines, a giraffe. A girl talks to a woman with black hair. A woman throws a ball from the exhibition.


keywords radio  child  jumping jack  toy  teddy bear  family party  soup  food  church  baptism  tulips  muscat wine  wicker cot  yard  cigarette  cigarette holder  smoking  Christmas tree  grave  cemetery  baubles  park  walk  winter  piano  singing  antics  kissing  toy store  toy exhibition  fair 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage