Witek Family Archive

collection Witek Family Archive
starring Teresa Witek; Lucjan Witek; Maria Sojka; Wiktor Sojka; Eugeniusz Sojka; Marek Sojka; Henryk Sojka; Anna Kocyba; Józef Kocyba; Jan Kocyba; Alojzy Sojka; Helena Witek;   Paweł Wieczorek; Gertruda Wieczorek; Krystian Wieczorek; Józef Wieczorek; Gabriela Wieczorek; Beata Wieczorek; Gertruda Hońca; Ryszard Hońca; Kamil Hońca; Lucjan Bronder
length 05'15
country Poland
year 1969
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0019 001

Part 1

Nothing is known about this film. It was probably on the take-up reel, on which the next film was shot. The scene is most likely set in a kindergarten. Children in disguise (plumes, miner hats, toadstool hats, cowboy hats, crowns, wreaths and others) walk in pairs from one room to another. They are accompanied by kindergarteners.

Part 2

Maria and Wiktor Sojka (bride’s parents), Eugeniusz Sojka (bride’s brother and a witness), Marek and Henryk (his sons), Anna Kocyba (bride’s sister), Józef (her husband), Jan (their son), priest Alojzy Sojka OMI (bride’s cousin). Teresa Witek, Lucjan Witek – the bride and the groom. 1st February 1969, Lubliniec, the Parish of Missionaries Oblates (OMI) of St. Stanislaus Kostka – outside and inside the church. Helena Witek (groom’s mother), Paweł Wieczorek (groom’s uncle and godfather), Gertruda (his wife), Krystian, Józef, Gabriel and Beata (their children), Gertruda Hońca (groom’s aunt), Ryszard (her husband), Kamil (their son), Lucjan Bronder (groom’s friend and a witness). Scenes from the church wedding of Teresa (née Sojka) and Lucjan Witek. The young couple with their witnesses drive up in a taxi (Volga GAZ-21) to the church of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Lubliniec. The interior of the church. The Mass is performed by Teresa’s cousin, Alojzy Sojka. The bride and the groom stand in front of the altar at the right side. The priests approach the tabernacle, followed by the newlyweds. The facade of the church and the monastery. Taxis stand in the courtyard. People leave the church, wait for the newlyweds. When they appear, quests give them their best wishes. The bride, the groom and the witnesses are rather lightly dressed. Since it is February, they get into a taxi and leave. The front passenger’s seat is taken by Eugeniusz Sojka (Teresa’s brother and one of the witnesses) and his sons on his lap: Henryk (in a red beret) and Marek (in a white beret). The guests stand in the courtyard of the church, waiting for taxis that will take them to the bride’s house in Lubliniec, where the wedding reception takes place.


keywords kindergarten  children  costumes  wedding  church  taxi  Volga GAZ-21  newlyweds  witnesses  Lubliniec  mass  altar  wishes 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage