Matuszewscy Family Archive

collection Matuszewscy Family Archive
authors Teofil Matuszewski
starring Ewa Matuszewska; Teofil Matuszewski; Wojciech Matuszewski
length 23'00
country Poland
locations Warsaw, Poland 
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0020 003

The author of the film, Teofil Matuszewski, was a designer at Biuro Projektów Gospodarki Wodno-Ściekowej PROSAN in Warsaw. His wife, Ewa Matuszewska, was the program editor, first in Polish Radio II, and then in Trójka. Films recorded with the GDR Optima camera, which Teofil Matuszewski bought in 1962.

Part 1

A video made during a winter trip to the Karkonosze Mountains. Adults are sunbathing on a sunny slope and playing with children in the snow. Shots of skiers going up the mountain on a chairlift. Two boys together with a man are watch a waterfall on the Łomnica River and walking along mountain trails. 

Part 2 

Ewa and Teofil with their son Wojtek visit the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. 

Part 3

Report on the beginning of the school year. Wojtek is playing with his friend, later together with other children is standing in front of the school building. Shots of parents gathered at the ceremony. Wojtek is talking to an older boy in the yard in front of the block of flats; in the next shot, the boy is walking to school, playing with a shoe bag on the way. Students lined up in pairs are waiting in front of the school for lessons to begin. Shots from the apartment’s balcony of the surrounding blocks and Wojtek returning from school.

Part 4 

A shot of the Wilanów palace. A woman is posing to the camera by the fountain. A group of teenage girls is walking around the park and fooling around to the camera. 

Part 5 

Winter open air. The Matuszewski family, together with friends and their children, are walking along the dam’s waterside; floating sailboats can be seen in the background. 

Part 6

An account of a visit to a family in the countryside. The boys are fooling around to the camera and playing with a badminton racket. Brief shot of women sunbathing on the beach. A dark shot in the interior. Family members are watching the car standing by the fence, boys continue to play with rackets. 

Part 7 

Oblique shots of a woman sunbathing on a deck chair. Teofil and Wojtek take a walk on the harbor. The family spends time together on the beach playing badminton and cards.

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keywords Poland  Warsaw  Wilanów Palace  Karkonosze Mountains  winter  mountains  snow  chairlift  waterfall  summer  family  family life  school  schoolchildren  start of school year  city  countryside  badminton 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage