Szczepanowscy Family Archive

collection Szczepanowscy Family Archive
authors Feliks Szczepanowski
starring Barbara Szczepanowska; Magdalena Szczepanowska; Feliks Szczepanowski; Zofia Packowa; Piotr Wąsik; Bronisława Wąsik; Jerzy Wąsik; Jerzy Wąsik; Andrzej Wąsik; Marian Wąsik; Marian Michalski; Zofia Kozłowska; Ryszard Kozłowski; Małgorzata Pietrzak; Grażyna Tatar
length 23'58
country Poland
year 1960–1970
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0023 001

Barbara Szczepanowska – the author’s wife, a long-time teacher at ZPSM No. 1 “Miodowa”, Magdalena Szczepanowska – the daughter, Michał Szczepanowski – the son, Feliks Szczepanowski – the author. Extended family: Zofia Packowa, Piotr and Bronisława Wąsikowie, Jerzy Wąsik with Jerzy (his son), Andrzej Wąsik, Marian Wąsik and others. Friends: priest Prof. Marian Michalski (Academy of Catholic Theology), Zofia and Ryszard Kozłowski with their children – Małgorzata (currently: Pietrzak) and Grażyna (currently: Tatar).

Ryszard Kozłowski (born in 1933) – a graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Zakopane, headed by Antoni Kenar, and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where he obtained a diploma in the studio of Prof. Marian Wnuk. His outdoor and monumental sculptures can be found in Warsaw, Łódź and Radom. He has been associated with Otwock since he was born. Otwock is his home and the place of work – his studio is next to his own home.

Feliks Szczepanowski, an author was a violinist, a member of the Warsaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (1953–1995). Sony camera brought from a philharmonic tour in Japan.

Part 1

Easter 1967. The Szczepanowski family’s apartment. Warsaw, ul. Kościelna. New Town.

Easter meal. Barbara, Magdalena and Michał sit at the table. In the following scenes, we can see Barbara with little Michał: the boy enters his cot, his mother teaches him the evening prayer, the boy sits on her lap and plays with beads hanging around her neck.

Part 2

Easter 1967. Family visit. Kraków, ul. Bonerowska, 3rd floor. The balcony scene. The family eats a cake. We can see a railway embankment and a passing train.

Part 3

Easter 1967. Kraków, ul. Długa 49. The interior of the apartment. A family meeting: a large family at the table, conversations, dinner, smoking, watching photos. Two little boys sit on the bed. One strokes the other’s hair.

Part 4

Easter Monday 1967. A traditional Emmaus church fair in Kraków, Salwator. Children, including Magda, are on the carousel. In the background, there is the Vistula River.

Barbara is with the children on a hill. Magda plays with her yo-yo which was most likely bought at the fair.

Part 5

Warsaw. Magda, Michał, Barbara, Feliks walk along avenues by the Vistula (currently: Fountain Park). In the background, there is the Gdański Bridge. Spring, a sunny day. Little Michał smells flowers and tree buds. Magda plays hopscotch, a skipping rope and a yo-yo.

Part 6

Otwock. A visit to Ryszard Kozłowski’s home. Ryszard was a sculptor and a friend to the Szczepanowski family. Summer. Genre scenes in the garden. Naked Michał plays in the sand. Girls (Magda with the hosts’ daughters) browse through albums, eat cherries, and learn to play badminton. In the garden, there is a Junak motorcycle.

Part 7

A mountain setting A walk along the ridge of Zakopane’s Antałówka. Scenes present children’s games in a meadow and Tatra panorama.

Part 8

An indoor setting. Michał, in his pajamas, strokes a chick held by Magda in her cupped hands. The bird jumps on the windowsill and the window frame.


keywords Easter  Easter eggs  Easter lamb  Warsaw  New Town  prayer  beads  Kraków  cake  train  balcony  cigarettes  photos  Salwator  fair  Emmaus  carousel  Vistula  yo-yo  hopscotch  skipping rope  Gdański Bridge  Otwock  garden  badminton  motorcycle  Junak  Zakopane  Antałówka  Tatry  chick 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage