Jastrzębscy Family Archive

collection Jastrzębscy Family Archive
authors Andrzej Jastrzębski
starring Andrzej Jastrzębski, Ewa Jastrzębska; Diana Jastrzębska, Marianna Jastrzębska, Sabina Jastrzębska
length 20'21
location Poland
year 1982
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0029 012
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the film is Andrzej Jastrzębski – a jazz tuba player, photography and old car enthusiast – who immortalized family memories using a Zenit camera and an 8 mm camera. 

Part 1 

Film shot during a family holiday at Pluszne Lake in the summer of 1982. Andrzej’s daughters, Sabina, Marianna and Diana, are sitting on a bed in a caravan. The sisters, together with their mother Ewa and cousin Marysia, are eating ice cream, then are having a walk on the pier and swinging on the swing set. The family is visiting the monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers 1970 in Gdansk, unveiled in 1980. 

Part 2 

Film shot at Jasna Góra in Częstochowa in 1983 during the second pilgrimage to Poland of Pope John Paul II. Shots of crowds gathered in the streets; people are raising their hands in Solidarity’s characteristic gesture of victory.

Part 3 

A film made during a family holiday in 1982. The girls are swimming on an inflatable mattress in the Piasnica river and help their mother gut fish by the caravan. Andrzej is playing the tuba in a clearing by a small river. The man is smiling and sending a kiss to the camera, then is swapping with his daughter Sabina, who is trying to play the instrument. Diana and Marianna are cutting green beans for dinner. The family is spending time at the beach in Dębki and at the resort. The children are playing in a large cardboard house. 



keywords Poland; Gdańsk; Częstochowa; Jasna Góra; monument; shipyard; crowd; pilgrimage; pope; John Paul II; holiday; sea; beach; summer; family; family life; leisure time; rest; inflatable mattress; fish; bar; caravan; tuba; instrument; music