Matugowie Family Archive

collection Matugowie Family Archive
authors Franciszek Matug
starring Maria Matug; Magdalena Matug; Stanisław Matug; Aleksander Matug
length 12'54
location Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0030 005
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the films is Franciszek Matug, born in 1926 in Zalasowa (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). A son of Maria and Błażej. He came from a peasant family. During the war, he fought in the Home Army units and Peasant Battalions. Immediately after the end of the war, he came to Niedomice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) to work on the construction of the Cellulose Plant, where he met his future wife, Maria Sikora. In the 60s, he became a chemical engineer. In later years, he worked at the “Galwa” Haberdashery Products Plant in Tarnów. He died in a car accident in 1982.

Open-air shots. Cracow, Matejko Square. We can see passers-by and a passing car. Shots from the window of a moving train (route from the Main Railway Station in Cracow towards Tarnów, view of the bridge on the Vistula, ul. Blich, Krakus mound). A short shot of passengers standing in front of the tram. Shots from Karpacz. The view of houses located among the mountains, Wang temple and Śnieżka. Open-air shots taken in winter in Niedomice. Henhouse. A view of the snowy fields, among which there are buildings. The scene on the icy road. The children (Magdalena, Staszek and Olek (Franciszek’ children) and a neighbour (Ala)) slide like on an ice rink. Fun on the embankment by the Dunajec River. Children slide down the hill on their feet. Open-air shots, Niedomice, summer. Shots of little Magdalena in front of the house. Children play in the garden. Shot from the inside of the house. Magdalena stands by the window. Open-air shots. A cow grazing in the field. Matug family’s children play with the neighbours’ children. A man and a woman on a blanket on the grass. Children play in front of the house in Niedomice. Magdalena swings on a garden swing. A girl carries a boy in a large wooden stroller. Shots of fun in the field. Scenes in front of the house. Maria walks towards the camera. Magdalena pulls a chair on wheels around the yard a wheelchair. Staszek, Franciszek’s son, leaves the house, festively dressed for his First Communion. Shots in front of the house, Staszek, Magdalena and Ala (the neighbours’ daughter) walk.



keywords Poland; Cracow; Karpacz; Śnieżka; Vistula; Niedomice; Matejko Square; train; shots from the train; mountains; Wang temple; winter; icing; sliding; skating; embankments; Dunajec River; cow; field; couple; blanket; picnic; fun; swing; stroller; wheelchair; First Communion; house